Forget the urgent!




Most managers in the world have the same complaint: “I don’t have enough time”, and very often they feel urgent issues and emergencies to deplete their available time. It is a common place to say that the urgent is always interrupting or even blocking the important.

“The urgent has only three sources: poor empowerment, or an important thing was delayed too much, or a surprise caught you unprepared.”

This book is a journey of discovery. Through its pages the reader will have the opportunity to reflect on the validity of many assumptions and beliefs that are taken for granted in management today, almost everywhere. Many, if not most of them, are wrong and at the same time, they are broadly accepted as valid. Being this the case, it is not surprising that many companies derive their actions from wrong assumptions, imposing a limit on their performance. To make things worse, when results are somehow acceptable, managers are blind to these wrong assumptions perpetuating more of the same.

Daniel Kahnemann, Nobel Prize 2002 in economy, in his book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, now a best seller shows that logical thinking is arduous yet rewarding.  Forget the Urgent! provides methods to “think slow” effectively with Goldratt Theory. Thinking slow is the fastest way to think and act well.

The readers of this book are encouraged and should stop doing many unnecessary things and start focusing on the important.


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